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login user validation using volder

you can use javascript with power of volder to do validation
volder is schema builder and data validation
visit to see more
you can do in this example.

import { Volder, Email } from 'volder';

const userSchema = new Volder({
    username: {
        type: [String, 'username must be in string'],
        alphanumeric: [true, 'username should only contain letters and numbers'],
        minLength: [4, 'username at least 4 characters'],
        maxLength: [16, 'username at most 16 characters'],
        required: [true, 'username is required'],
        trim: true
    email: {
        type: [String ,'email must be in string'],
        pattern: [Email, 'not valid email'],
        maxLength: [150, 'email be at most 150 characters'],
        required: [ true,'email is required'],
        trim: true
    password: {
        type: [String , 'password must be in string'],
        minLength:[8, 'password should be at least 8 characters'],
        maxLength: [30, 'password should be at most 30 characters'],
        required: [ true, 'password is required'],
        matches: ["^(?=.*[A-Za-z])(?=.*\d)[A-Za-z\d]$", 'password must contain numbers and letters']


const { valid, errors, value } = userSchema.validate(input);
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