Angular 7.2: A bag full of bug fixer

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AngularJS can work with standard HTML5 attributes to validate input, or one can make its own validation functions. For static documents, HTML has always played the role of a declarative language.

Discussing next relation AngularJS and HTML:

  1. Minimizes the resistive mismatch between document-centric HTML.
  2. Sensibly organizes HTML.
  3. It is useful for organising data services for applications using HTML simultaneously.

Angular v7.2.0 has been introduced with various types of beta versions:

Angular 7.2.0-beta.1

  1. The first beta for Angular 7.2 is smaller than the second. The most prominent difference is that the latest release of Angular beta is available for download.
  2. It provides numerous bug fixing features.
  3. The theme decided for this is Bazel. This tool is used for building and testing. This version will be helpful for AngularJS developers.
  4. You can add Bazel to a project via the ng-new command in the CLI.

The Bazel will get affected by this breaking change that came as an attachment with the second beta of Angular 7.2:

second beta of Angular 7.2

This release also has some additional features for the router. There are five innovative features:

  1. history.state
  2. state
  3. NavigationExtras
  4. runGuardsAndResolvers
  5. pathParamsOrQueryParamsChange

The above-mentioned features are used for:

  1. Adding predicate function mode for runGuardsAndResolvers.
  2. Adding a Navigation type which will be available during navigation.
  3. Dealing with restoring the whole object when navigating back to page which is managed by the Angular router.
  4. Using runGuardsAndResolvers as it adds pathParamsOrQueryParamsChange mode.
  5. Allowing passing state to routerLink directives.
  6. Allowing passing state to NavigationExtras.

There is a huge list of bug fix in this version of Angular. The best part is, it also includes fixes for the v7.1.4.

  1. Animation: The actual descendant node is marked as disabled and does not truncate decimals for delay.
  2. Bazel: In the schematics/bazel-workspace files, it fixes TS errors, existing angular installations are respected, does not throw error if its compile action does not create esm5 outputs and when writing tsickle externs.
  3. Common: InjectableDecorator is offered with a more precise return type, exports a value for InjectFlags.
  4. Upgrade: From different downgraded modules, it allows nesting components, handle nested downgraded components with downgradeModule()correctly, doesn't rely upon the runtime to resolve forward refs.

Angular 7.2.0-beta.0
This version of Angular 7.2 is smaller than the latest beta version.
It has only two bug fixes, marking this as the disadvantage over Angular 7.2.0-beta.1.

Angular 7.2.0-beta.2
This version doesn’t include many bug fixes:
1.Bazel: In the schematics/bazel-workspace files it fixes TS errors, can read latest versions from latest-versions.ts, and use semver check.
2.Tsickle dependency not working with typescript 3.1.x.
3.Forms: typed argument for FormBuilder group.

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