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Alfredo Salzillo
Alfredo Salzillo

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Meeting the Octocat

Once upon a time there was a Denosaur...

Welcome gentl-octocats, today I wanted to create a Github Action to use IFTTT Webhooks and i know that all i need will be a simple curl in any Linux container, but, I'm a developer, and i like to try new thinks. And at the moment of the writing what is the hottest news in the Javascript environment?

You guess right! Deno.

So let's start building a github action with a Deno runner.

The image of the Denosaur

First of all we need an image with Deno, and after a simple research i have found hayd/alpine-deno:1.1.0.

So let's start writing the Dockerfile

FROM hayd/alpine-deno:1.1.0


# Prefer not to run as root.
USER deno

# These steps will be re-run upon each file change in your working directory:
ADD . .
# Compile the main app so that it doesn't need to be compiled each startup/entry.
RUN deno cache main.ts

CMD ["run", "--allow-net", "--allow-env", "/app/main.ts"]
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Using the Denosaur

The actions it's a simple ts file how will fetch a request to the webhook like this

const input = (key: string) => Deno.env.get(`INPUT_${key}`);

const eventName = input('EVENT');
const key = input('KEY');
const value1 = input('VALUE1');
const value2 = input('VALUE2');
const value3 = input('VALUE3');

console.log(`calling webhook for ${eventName} with`, value1, value2, value3);

await fetch(`${eventName}/with/key/${key}`, {
  method: 'POST',
  headers: {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
  body: JSON.stringify({ value1, value2, value3 }),
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The Octocat Action

End last but not least the github action definition

# action.yml
name: 'IFTTT Webhook'
description: 'Call an IFTTT Webhook'
  event:  # id of input
    description: 'IFTTT webhook event'
    required: true
     description: 'IFTTT webhook key'
     required: true
     description: 'IFTTT webhook optional parameter'
     required: false
     description: 'IFTTT webhook optional parameter'
     required: false
     description: 'IFTTT webhook optional parameter'
     required: false
  using: 'docker'
  image: 'Dockerfile'
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End of the story

And at the end of the story, in only 5 minutes I have made ifttt-webhook-action using Deno.


A GitHub action that triggers an IFTTT webhooks event. This is useful for example when you want to trigger a IFTTT webhook after your deployment succeeds.


See action.yml

  - uses: alfredosalzillo/ifttt-webhook-action@master
      event: your-webhook-event
      key: your-webhook-secret-key
      value1: optional-value
      value2: optional-value
      value3: optional-value
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Craig Morten

Nice one!

(FYI I think you have the brackets the wrong way round for your links! 🙃)