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A few simple ways to protect your digital privacy

Many people are concerned about how much personal information is stored on the internet and could be stolen or misused in today's reality. You're not the only one who feels this way. The issue of online privacy is crucial.

You can improve your online security against unwanted access to your data and privacy by taking several simple actions.


Browse in private mode or use a browser, which doesn't store and send your data.

Browsing in private mode can let you avoid your browser's history from tracing. However, these private modes aren't entirely private. Your ISP can observe your surfing behavior even if you're using an incognito or private mode.



Be cautious about where you click.

Phishing attempts are one of the ways how hackers can compromise your online privacy. They frequently accomplish this by sending fake emails that look like from banks, credit card companies, etc.
Hover your cursor over suspicious links to see the destination URL before clicking. Don't click if it doesn't match the website you use.


Change your search engine.

If you're like most web users, you use Google as your primary search engine.
You don't have to, though.
People prefer anonymous search engines for a variety of reasons. Your search history or clicks are not collected or shared by these sorts of search engines.
Ad trackers on the websites you visit can also be blocked by anonymous search engines.



Use dedicated proxy servers.

A dedicated proxy server acts as a private and secure connection point between users and the internet. It's a server that acts as an "intermediary" between end-users and the web pages they browse on the internet. An IP address is used when a computer connects to the internet.

You can compare it to your home's street address. It directs data to the appropriate destination while also providing a return address for other devices.

A dedicated proxy server is a machine connected to the internet that has its unique IP address and serves as a disguise for your computer.

There are plenty of companies that provide such services, here is my personal top of the most reliable ones:

Stay safe=)

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