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Discussion on: 5 HTML Tags That Almost Nobody Knows

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Alex Standiford

One that I use all the time that doesn't get enough love - The definition list

These things don't seem to ever get any love, and there's so many circumstances in-which they are the best syntax for the job.

Ironically enough - the Summary section of this post is a perfect opportunity to use it!

    <dd>for highlighting text.</dd>
    <dd>for showing contact information.</dd>
    <dd>for displaying alternate HTML content if the browser does not support scripting.</dd>
    <dd>representing a specific period in time.</dd>
    <dd>for indicating mathematical variables like x & y.</dd>
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Aya Bouchiha Author

Thank you so much for the information, perhaps, I will create another post with the same idea as this post. I will not forget to add the definition list in the next one!
Have an amazing day!