What do you do in your two hours out of home?

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I read the StackOverflow statistics for this year (2018) and it shows the time developers spend outside is about 30min to 2h per day.

This number is very reasonable, by my self. Now I'm curious about: What you do at this time?

During the work week I spend time riding a bike and exercising me, and at the weekend I try to know the cool places in my city, like the "Two Brothers Hill" in Rio de Janeiro.

Two Brothers Hill

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I think I am one of those who are outside less than 2 hours 😅.

I spend my time catch up with reading (during lunch hour near a local park or at a local cafe) for about an hour a day.

Rest of the time is spent listening to one of 20 podcasts I am subscribed to.


Read + Cafe + After lunch = Wonderful stack


You can possibly use that as an actual tech stack during an interview and interviewers would just assume they are (as there are so many JavaScript libraries) 😝


I walk around the city with an audiobook as my go-to regular outside activity. I have a ~1hr walk to work that I spend this way and go much longer on the weekend.


Pretty good! Kill two rabbits in one shot!


Yeah, as soon as I moved within (long) walking distance of work, I felt like I was in a healthier place immediately. It's a great part of my day.

I see the benefit with it. Walk even without listen to something allows you to see the city with curious eyes, or to think things you never think before.


I also live about 1hr away from my job and I was considering biking to work every day but it's a pain since there are no bike lanes and the office is out of the actual city thus being quite dangerous.

But walking there... that is something I never thought about that. Great idea


If we're talking strictly "outside", the answer would be "not much". Where I live, we seem to mostly have weather that makes "outside" not a great proposition. Winter is cold and rainy. Summer is too humid to want to do much in. Spring and autumn are silly with misery-inducing allergens in the air.

That said, we live near a number of rivers and streams. So, when it's warm enough and the water hasn't been recently junked-up from stormy weather, we like to either take the dogs down to the river to play or throw our kayaks on my wife's car and go find a stream or river to put into.

If we're speaking more broadly (and apart from "errands"), then:

  • Movies - we probably average 15 movies/year at the local multiplex
  • Concerts - we probably take in one to five shows per month (depending who's touring) plus a festival or two each year
  • Go to local wineries

You'll note that I use "we" above. I'm married so, wife has primary control of the social calendar.


Wow!! So much culture!! But the best part is "Go to local wineries", it sounds really good!!


Culture would be if they were to Rust to local wineries.
Go is an affliction.


I picked up biking as soon as I moved to Santiago de Chile. It's been an awesome hobby through which I've met nice people and discovered that I'm capable of things I never though, lol.

I'm having my first biking event next Sunday, a 100km pre-brevet :)


I usually do my shopping and listen to podcasts - same as while commuting. :)


Would you share the list of podcasts you listen to?

Or even better, if you can write a post about it 😉


I'm learning landscape/urban photography.

Makes outdoor trips quite fun, but post-processing is fucking long to handle.


Cool! Do you have a portfolio to show us your photos?


I'm building one (I just made a proxy to flickr for album image list retrieving, called albumr (also showcased in my dev portfolio)) that's not yet public (should soon be, I'll post a big news article, so follow me if you want to be notified :D).

You still can see most of my photos on my flickr profile.

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