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I consume some articles on Medium every week, some of them made me reevaluate my learning strategies, or improve my coding habit, or just let me know some useful career tip. Sometimes I feel the content could reach more people. So I'm bringing them to my audience here, first as a general test. Feel free to contact me or discuss one or two subjects of the reading list.

#Programming #Architecture


#Ethic #Neuroscience #Future

Did you find any article useful? Which one? Why?

That's it!


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Yes, I Enjoyed Nat Eliason's article so much that I even translated it and shared it with pretty much all my non-English-speaking friends on Facebook


Wow! Great job! Do you follow the result of such reading? I am in the phase of no interaction there. Perhaps some months ahead I delete my profile.


Well yes, I do and I'm encouraging several of my close friends to do so as well. It's funny 'cause I never thought to be without Facebook but now I can say life is really good when there's no Fb getting in the way (I'm at the 5-month mark without it currently)