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I guess you've also used Linux recently. What pros and cons do you consider of both sides?


I do use both. I think your good in whatever you choose in all reality. It's just preference. I've been a Linux user since the 90's. I just recently started playing with Windows more.

I would say the only real advantage to Windows would be some games, adobe products(I hate), Affinity Photo(I love), and maybe the office 365 ecosystem.

As far as Linux, it's fast, updates are quick, installs a quick, variety, major geek cred..double if you use Arch..lol

They are both good enough. Linux is really more than good enough, it's mainly some proprietary apps that make Windows desirable at all.


hm there is LibreOffice / OpenOffice on Linux so I don't see reason to use windows for office

It’s a matter of compatibility, 90% of the world does everything in msoffice. Libre office is is nice but not 100% compatible, or even as good in all honesty. There is free office and and a couple others that are a little better. But Linux has nothing to compare to the combo of word, excel, outlook(evolution is pretty darn close),powerpoint, share point, teams, active directory and the tight knit integration between it all. And there are a ton of other things that fall into the ecosystem beyond that list.

I myself am not dependent on them, but Linux doesn’t have anything that comes close for a major enterprise user.


Although I'm not OP, but I'm a Windows / Manjaro Linux user, here are my pros and cons:



  • Fucked up FS
  • A lot of visual bugs
  • Memory is often filled with system modules which you can't disable even if you want
  • Malware
  • Hard to reinstall
  • Awful for development, except using WSL2 which is nice (was WSL user for half a year, pain I. the ass)
  • When you fuck up system it is hard to find a way to fix it
  • No customization
  • Paid
  • Incompatible with macOS and Linux, cannot run bash scripts with UNIX-specific commands


  • Adobe Suite
  • Games support



  • Decentralized system (and it is a pro too). Sometimes it is hard to find a way what's wrong
  • Poor games support, but a lot of are ported natively, others can be played on Wine
  • A very little amount of graphics editing software (Krita is nice tho)
  • Bullshit with network and GPU drivers (from my experience, you may not have such problems)
  • Takes a lot of time to learn if you pick a non-beginner distro like Arch


  • Full customization
  • Absolutely free
  • Perfect for any kinds of development (except C# I guess)
  • A lot of guides (like ArchWiki) to look for the best solutions of a problem
  • Mix system components as you like, pick any DE, WM, install custom shell etc

I'm currently using Manjaro as my main OS and my only complaint is that WiFi sometimes stops working, I'm already looking for a solution


Good comparisons, c# dev can be done under Linux. Microsoft says .net core and cross platform are the way these days.

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