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Two Months into Software Engineering!

This post was originally published on March 11, 2021 on my blog.

It's been a little over two months since I've started my career as a software engineer, and I'm so unbelievably convinced that this was the ultimate move for me.

Yesterday, I was thrilled to wake up to a wonderful article that was written about my journey teaching myself how to code in 2020 and making that transition.

Here's a little excerpt:

'“I feel like I’m at the start of this amazing adventure. And there are so many different avenues to take or doors that can be opened,” Morton said. “I’m here. I’m doing the work every day. I’m in it. And the opportunities are endless — that’s how it feels."'

Feel free to give it a read here >>

At work, I'm working on coding up the new designs for the emails that are sent from our Rails application. I've been learning a ton about ActionMailer in Rails, MJML formatting for email code, and setting the email to send at the right time.

It's really exciting stuff for me! As always, I'm taking it step by step and even when I'm faced with a big mountain of things that I don't quite yet know how to do, I always fall back on the solution of breaking everything up into smaller steps and working my way down the list.

Soon enough, the bigger picture starts to make more sense and before I know it, I have a fully polished bit of code ready to be submitted and reviewed!

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Andrew Williams • Edited

Love to see this, best of luck to you, I think the best way to go is just get happy when you get confused, because that means you're actually solving something