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Today's Work: Data Structures, Data Transferring, and React

This post was originally published on September 15, 2020 on my blog.

Today's all about making progress on a few things I'm currently doing. Nothing ground-breaking, no news-worthy cobswabble. Just workin'.

Among those things - I started transferring data from my French city guides site over to a spreadsheet so that I have all the data in front of me when I build my database to store all of it. Part of me thinks I'm doing twice the amount of work, but I actually do want to have all of the data stored visually in a spreadsheet, so I suppose I'll just grit my teeth and work through it lol.

Then, I started watching a mini 3-hour course over the weekend on Data Structures that I'll probably finish up today. I have about two hours left.

You always hear about 'Data Structures and Algorithms' and the need to learn about all of it as a developer, and it always seemed like a far-off, remote topic that I'd learn "someday," but now that I'm getting through just Data Structures (i.e. breaking it apart and working piece by piece), I'm realizing it's actually very manageable.

Lastly, I'm still steadily making my way through Pure React. Yesterday, did a lot of studying about State and how to think about it, what to put inside of it, where to keep it, etc.

Things are coming together! Love love love it.

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