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The Secret to a Successful Self-Taught Coding Journey

This post was originally published on February 1, 2021 on my blog.

Happy Tuesday! I'm over here pondering the process of achieving a goal or dream (i.e. just my normal everyday thoughts lol). So here's what's up:

Once you start in on the journey to achieve a goal, don’t stop until you get there, no matter how long it takes. That’s the secret.

Don’t go fast. Instead, go far with small actions every single day over a substantial amount of time. If you haven’t gotten there yet, that just means you’re still on the train and you haven't arrived at your stop yet. Stay the course. Everyday.

We plan and plan and plan for something big and amazing, and it feels great to plan it all out, but then as soon as it comes time for rubber to meet the road, all those good feelings we had when planning go out the window, and we're met with resistance in the face of getting to work.

I was on the phone with my dad last night and we were talking about this same subject - about how people generally love the idea of how they'll be at the end of the practices or the work or the showing up day after day to eventually get them to a point of practiced perfection.

But the problem here is that too many of us get sucked into the fantasy of how it will be at the time of the peak performance (the destination or result) that when it comes time to practice (the journey), it doesn't feel as glamorous or exciting as the final result, so we just don't feel motivated to do it.

And then we sadly don't get anywhere.

Because the work and the practice and the showing up always, always precedes the results and the main performance.

Showing up to practice and working on our skills when we're not at that peak-ready level is precisely the right time to do it.

We shouldn't get down on ourselves for not already being at that level when we haven't given enough time to our practice and our journey.

Get to work. Everyday. And before you know it, your peak performance will come without you even realizing it because you've been showing up for the journey as the champion that you are.

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