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Alex Morton
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The Recipe for Coming Up with Great Coding Solutions

This post was originally published on February 15, 2021 on my blog.

Looking forward to diving into another week of work! I'm going to be taking on a slightly bigger investigative bug in the code as a project for this week.

I feel simultaneously excited and nervous about it. But overall, it's going to be an opportunity to grow my skills. And plus, what's a little bit of discomfort?

We had a wonderful sync last night with our cohort for the Collab Lab. I feel like I always learn great things from the developers and mentors on our team.

We talked about the importance of taking the time to read and understand certain issues that need to be fixed in the code before jumping in to solve them as it'll save so much time and frustration.

And this is something that's so applicable to any developer at any stage of their career or expertise.

Taking the time to truly understand the scope of an issue at hand - writing things down, asking questions, planning out your strategy, getting input from your teammates - is truly a recipe for success on coming up with a great solution.

Looking forward to keeping this top of mind this week as I carry out my own work!

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Zachary Stone

I'm super excited to hear an update on how this process and week is going. Truly working with a team is the most vulnerable thing you can do, but it's transformative too! I sometimes feel like a beggar asking for bits of knowledge from my SR devs, and often forget my perspective and input is still valuable to the team.

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Alex Morton • Edited

Omg that is such an interesting way to put it, and I totally know what you mean! It's like, in my head I know I could get unblocked easily by just asking and immediately getting an answer.

I feel like it's all about the balance of working to figure something else and knowing when it's time to ask and get something answered to move forward.