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Spotify Project Idea Coming to Life in My Brain

This post was originally published on November 23, 2020 on my blog.

Happy Monday! You know you're on to a good side project idea when you can practically feel your brain ticking away at it in the background all weekend long!

I may have mentioned the topic idea in one of my last posts, but here's the idea! It's going to use the Spotify API to create a sort of 'Morning Radio' playlist each day depending on the user's preferences of what they want to listen to each morning.

For example, I like to listen to the daily 5-minute NPR News Now podcast, so I'd add a new episode of that each day, and then maybe cycle through other podcast episodes (maybe on the shorter end so that it's not too much of one thing) - maybe a French news podcast that has the highlights of the day.

And then, sprinkled in between those 'talk'/podcast portions of the playlist, the app will choose random songs from those playlists that the Spotify algorithm makes for you based on your own unique music interests.

That's going to be the minimum viable product option for now, but later, I'd like to possibly see if I can make it into an actual mobile app using React Native and then be able to set a time on my phone for it to play automatically with alarm-clock functionality...

Ooooh! More planning to come!

In other daily news, I'm going to be continuing to work through my Pure Redux course to really solidify Redux (it's actually going really well, and I'm really loving learning about state management patterns!) as well as apply to a couple of job positions I have on my radar!

P.S. I'm searching for my next role as a Front-End Web Developer! If you have any leads, please let me know!

My current tech stack: JavaScript ES6, React/Hooks, Redux, Firebase Firestore, Firebase Authentication, HTML/CSS, Git

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