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Roadblocks and a Big Mindset Shift x Twilio Hackathon Project Update

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This post was originally published on April 28, 2020 on my blog.

Okay. So I'm definitely facing a depletion in motivation from before. I spent a large part of the yesterday hung up and going around and around in circles on how to implement a Twilio API into my wellbean app to gather information from the database itself.

Now, after coming up against so many dead ends, I'm wondering if I should just hook up the API in a very basic 'Welcome, here are instructions for getting started with wellbean...' way.

Luckily, I have a virtual meetup tonight where I'm going to work on the app and hopefully talk through this roadblock with other coding ladies.

The thing is, though - as much as I want to submit this project to the hackathon with the full Twilio functionality, I also need to stay aware of the fact that even if I don't end up submitting it, I still have an absolutely epic project I've built up from scratch!

I learned and set up Firebase! I learned how to set up user accounts and databases! I finally learned how to use CSS Grid! Seriously, that's already more than amazing!

My plan for today is to spend some time learning about setting up Firebase Rules for data privacy and then implementing that into my app.

I may also work on a color/time function for wellbean to keep track of who needs to be contacted based on how much time has passed. I started in on it yesterday, but it needs a little bit more tinkering around :)

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Thanks Emma - just submitted. Finaaaaally :)