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Rails, Relaxing & Reading

This post was originally published on February 10, 2021 on my blog.

Not terribly much to report today, just continuing to go through the learning and working motions! It's a fun process, but sometimes it can be more of the same, so here's a bit of an exposition of my brain in its current state.

Things on my mind today:

1) Really excited to continue working through my current GoRails tutorial and building a mini-clone of Buffer with Ruby on Rails. I'm loving learning about and getting more comfortable with the overall Rails framework, and I can't wait to really get good at it!

2) Getting better at separating work-time and relax-time - I just feel like this will always be a work in progress haha, but I am definitely getting better at turning off my computer after work and spending my time relaxing, reading, crafting, embroidering, catching up with loved ones, or anything else that doesn't require too much screen-time.

3) Currently reading The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett and this line stuck out so much and brought tears to my eyes last night:

"Oh, you don't even know. If I could go back, I'd do everything

"Like what?" she said.

"Oh, everything." He turned back to the mirror. "This big 'ol world and we only get to go through it once. The saddest thing there is, you ask me.

Okay. Onward to a great day! Take advantage of it. Be unapologetically yourself. And watch the world open up for you.

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