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Pure React and Data Transfer (Still...)

This post was originally published on October 1, 2020 on my blog.

Whoa, I woke up and it's October! Now, I'm really in the mood to watch Hocus Pocus or something.

Today I'm going to work a bit more through my Pure React ebook. I'm just finishing up learning about the useEffect hook, which I definitely see the advantage of.

Something interesting about it is that it's a hook that runs after the initial render of the React app - so I'm starting to see a little bit more clearly how that might be used for rendering my city guides on my current So You Think You Can France website rebuild.

Ideally, I'd like to finish up transferring all the city guide data I have in my Squarespace site over to a spreadsheet I've been adding to over the past couple of weeks. I was kind of annoyed because since the site wasn't active anymore on Squarespace, I couldn't access each page's data unless I had an active site/membership.

Fortunately, though, I only had to add on one month of a subscription (the perfect amount of time to manually transfer all the data) to Squarespace in order to access it.

Okay! So today. Pure React - finish up useEffect learning and exercises, and then get some of that data transferred over (and maybe also cancel that Squarespace subscription before I forget).


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