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Job-Searchin' (and a New Mini-Project!)

This post was originally published on November 13, 2020 my blog.

It's Friday and we're feelin' good, folks! I just had a wonderful informational interview and got a bit of clarity on which direction I want to head along my coding journey.

I'm in the process of applying to front-end developer jobs, and I'm actually surprised to find that the transition from constant learning and building to job-searching is very not intuitive.

It definitely makes sense though, since we use completely different faculties for each.

Regardless, I'm committed to keeping the focus on making connections and building relationships along the job search.

Hinging too much on any one outcome can become demoralizing and demotivating.

Plus! A lot of job postings I've seen lately for React developers also come with a helping of being familiar with developing with Ruby on Rails, so I think I might dabble into a tutorial today and start in on getting familiar with Rails.

I think it'll be fun!

Lastly! I build a fun mini-app this week: Reddit Dog! It's a React app that fetches data from Reddit based on the user-input of a type of dog.

It then sorts the top posts based on number of upvotes and displays the list on the app from highest votes to lowest.

You can check the project out here >>

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