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"How can I communicate this as clearly as possible?"

This post was originally published on February 18, 2021 on my blog.

These weeks are still passing by so quickly! I feel like I'm on a spool of thread and it's spinning and spinning as the length of loose string gets longer and longer.

(Does that even make sense?)

I'm starting to really find my rhythm at work with picking up stories to work on and giving myself the time necessary to truly think about, plan, and work on finding solutions.

I'm working, too, on finding the best ways to communicate to make things easier on my teammates. I think, especially as a junior, it's as important as ever to really try to take the perspective of whomever you're writing or communicating to.

Just as, during the process of searching for a job opportunity, you want to put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer and ask yourself 'how could I present this or myself in a way that I'd be too interested to overlook?' - it's important to do the same thing in a collaborative context.

Doing this looks like "How can I make myself or my question understood as clearly as possible without the need to go back and forth constantly?"

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