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Digging in to Objects and Classes in Ruby

This post was originally published on February 4, 2021 on my blog.

Hello! Yesterday, I made my way super slowly through doing a deep dive into learning about classes and objects in Ruby.

(I typically spend a couple mornings each week working through a course on Ruby.)

Thankfully, I now consider myself to be pretty good at understanding when I should go more slowly and opt for a deeper understanding of a topic (i.e. it’ll be worth it to spend more time on it now than breezing through it), and this was one of those situations.

It definitely helps, too, that I’ve been able to recognize much of what’s going on in since 1) I’ve seen instances of it (more advanced) in the codebase at work, and 2) I'm able to make the connections from having already learned JavaScript.

I try to spend an hour and a half or so on the course at least three times each week, and yesterday's session was seriously just one little section of that particular chapter.

And I’m not mad about it at all! Because I can honestly say I have a fuller understanding of it than I did before. Onward!

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