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Continuing to Cultivate Patience

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This post was originally published on July 6, 2020 on my blog.

Easy, cool Monday morning! I've been noticing something interesting over the past few weeks/months --

I think I've written about it before somewhere, but here's the thing. Any time I'm presented with the thought of going through a process of any length in order to achieve something at the end of the process, I immediately and automatically feel this abrupt sense of impatience and a thought along the lines of "Ugh, for God's sake. Can't this be done already?"

Like...what? That thought enters my mind even before starting whatever process at hand.

And, mind you, this can range from a long-game sort of thing (months and months) like building an audience for an online community, a medium-game (a week or so) like putting together a big puzzle, or even in the shortest of processes (minutes) like cleaning up those puzzle pieces and putting them back away in their box.

That first initial thought of impatience is funny and weird, but I think it can have an altogether more insidious effect if we listen to it and don't end up even starting in on a certain process because we're already bored of the steps we'd need to take to get there.

This is why we need to develop a true love of the process for any goal we're pursuing. We need to cultivate the patience to sit down each day, even if the magic has worn off.

If we idealize too heavily the end-point or the destination, what do we have left at the end of the day once we reach that destination and move on to the next level or something different altogether?

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