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CD DVD drives

The user of the stationary personal computer hardly thinks about the possibility of purchasing an external DVD-drive. There are several reasons for this. First, the standard internal drive, hooked through the interface IDE or SATA, usually has a higher speed of operation. Secondly, to attach to a "real" PC a mobile device makes sense only if the external drive is one, and the computers - a few. Thirdly, even with equal characteristics, the external drive will cost significantly more.

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The question is, then who can use the external drives? The answer lies on the surface - the owners of laptops and netbooks. The thing is that branded DVD drives, with which the laptop is completed (or not completed at all) by the manufacturer, do not always suit users. They can be slow, noisy or simply buggy. And to repair this element is by no means easier than replacing it. And both will cost you a tidy sum, often directly proportional to the cost of the laptop itself. Therefore, the purchase of an external DVD-drive in some cases is a necessity, and not a way to stand out against the background of others. Although stylish design, of course, attracts attention.

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