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Discussion on: Best Text Editor For Programming

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Just few questions:

  • why do you check only editors, not ide? For programming it's better to use ide.
  • Vscode is more than editor, it's closer to ide, however i wouldn't call it full-featured ide. In any case, it's not really fair to include vscode into editors list. Otherwise include ides (like webstorm to that list as well :) )
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Krutik Raut Author

Ans 1: This comparision is all about text editor because of their similar functionalites , Like I can't compare IDEs because they are language specific and they don't work in the same way unlike text editors.
Eg: You can't compare Andriod Studio with Microsfot Visual Studio

Ans 2: Well Vs code is an editor whats make it more than an editor is all those puligns it comes with.
As far as I know Webstorm is and IDE by jetbrains its just far away to compare with text editors