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Use Prettier with TSLint and be happy

alexjoverm profile image Alex Jover Originally published at on ・2 min read

Prettier support for TypeScript just landed. Let’s see how tslint-config-prettier helps to seamlessly combine it with TSLint.

Wait, a video explaining “Use Prettier with TSLint”? Yes! Check it out on!

Recently, @vjeux, one of the authors of Prettier, announced TypeScript support in the following tweet:

That’s pretty amazing! I’ve just went and tried it out. I was so impressed by how magic the experience was that I’ve completely removed TSLint from TypeScript library starter.

The problem

Prettier and TSLint collide, since they both take care of formatting. For the following code, TSLint will give us the error [tslint] Multiple spaces found before '{'. (no-multi-spaces):

class DummyClass { food = 'sandwitch'}
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But, when we run Prettier, the code is automatically formatted:

class DummyClass { food = 'sandwitch'}
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This makes the workflow pretty useless, since we’re getting linting errors that Prettier will solve.

The solution

It’s very simple:

Let Prettier take care of code formatting, and TSLint of the rest

That’s why I’ve created tslint-config-prettier. It disables all TSLint formatting related rules, as well as for tslint-react and tslint-eslint-rules.

The installation is straightforward, once you setup TSLint and Prettier:

npm i -D tslint-config-prettier
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Add it to the end of your tslint.json file:

{ "extends": ["tslint:latest", "tslint-config-prettier"]}
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Now we can use Prettier and TSLint without any problem!

Using Prettier

I must thank @vjeux for pointing me out to this solution and @JBlack for the time to review tslint-config-prettier.

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