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New pure functional programming language - ETA

alexiskold profile image Alex Iskold 🗽 twitter logo ・1 min read  

Last summer we had a pleasure of working with Jyothna and Raul - creators of ETA - a new functional programming language. ETA is interesting because it is based on Haskell and runs on top of JVM.

This implementation combines purity of functional programming that's Haskell with portability and enterprise readiness of JVM. Do you use functional programming at work or in our personal projects? If you do check out ETA and let me know what you think about it.

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Seems pretty cool! Don't know much about Haskell, but I've written some functional JavaScript at work. It's a paradigm that took me awhile to understand, but once it clicked it made more sense.

Reading the FAQ, I thought it was interesting that Haskell is hard to learn, and ETA hopes to change that. As a relatively new programmer (a little over 2 years), I think the main reason I shy from functional or lower-level programming languages in general is because they seem hard. Is ETA meant to be easier to learn that Haskell, or is it more that ETA is/will be more welcoming to newcomers because of good documentation and tooling?


I am 100% just piggybacking on this because I was wondering about it earlier. What is it about functional languages that give the impression of being harder, do you think? I wonder how much of it is exposure to OOP first and most often, too. Is it conceptual, syntactical?


This great talk by Elm creator Evan Czaplicki touches on this stuff really well.


Hey there, Eta contributor and Haskeller at work here.

Eta is a very nice language that allows using Haskell and Java libraries. It is very mature and production ready. It is nice to be able to write Android apps with the Haskell ecosystem, as it is great.

Feel free to reach to me for anything :)

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