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ExpressWebJs 3 Is Now Released!

ExpressWebJs team is proud to announce the release of ExpressWebJs 3 and it’s now available to everyone. This release marks the start of the ExpressWebJs framework using Typescript.

Also, this release includes improved authentication and authorization responses, job, middleware, route collections, sub-query improvements, among many other improvements.

Here are some of the new features included in ExpressWebJs 3:

  • Model Types for SQL and NOSQL
  • Maker Command
  • Persistent Repository
  • Multi Tenancy
  • Social Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Hashing
  • Route Groups and middleware
  • Request Validation (Inline and external)
  • Dependency Injection
  • Service Providers
  • Events And Listeners
  • Queues
  • Task Schedulers
  • Web Socket

Please visit Expresswebjs Docs for documentation and usage.

Thanks to everyone who have contributed with issue reports and pull requests. Our next set of releases are due March 19, 2022.

How can you help?
If you’re interested in helping out, or if you have general questions, please ask on using the ExpressWebJs tag or chat with the community on Discord

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