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Alex Gwartney
Alex Gwartney

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Recomeded music to listen to while programming?

Hey guys I was wanting to know if you have any music playlists. That you guys can recommend. That you listen to while programming?

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Valentin Baca

I've been listening to this Programming Music playlist for years. Seriously, years. By this point the very first few notes of the first song instantly put me into "the zone." This playlist and I have spent hundreds of hours together in crunch times and late nights up (and browsing and reddit lol).

I think, like most people, I end up in this loop though:

do {
  if (quiet || noisy);
  code(); // can easily throw InterruptionException usually caused by a tap on the shoulder #FIXME
  if (code == hard) headphones.pause(); // to think...
} while (true) // inf loop
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Alex Gwartney Author

Yep lol. I had to laugh at the part that said pause to think lol. Its like a meme I saw a while ago. That says turns down the radio when driving to be able to read the address of a house better. Also I added the playlist to my spottily will check it out.

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This might help

I don't have a specific type of music for programming, tough if I'm reading something really complicated I tend to turn it off for a while :D

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Alex Gwartney Author

Thanks for that link will have to take a look at all the others posts. And yea lol i do the same thing. It becomes a distraction at some point when you cant figure something out.

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I have three favorites when it comes to music while coding:

  • LoFi HipHop (mostly YouTube Streams)
  • Jazz Vibes Playlist on Spotify
  • Atmospheric / Dark / Experimental / Post Metal

It depends on how I feel and what type of issue I have.

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Divyesh Parmar • Edited on

I mostly use FreeCodeCamp's 24x7 live music on their YouTube channel. Its really soothing and helps focus.

I've tried other EDMs, Rock stuff but I felt distracted with those.

Hope to see others sharing too

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Alex Gwartney Author

Oh ok cool will have to check that one out. And yea will be intresting to see what others have as well.

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Vincent Grovestine

Digitally Imported channels are my default go-to whether building, debugging or absorbing:

  • Liquid DnB, Melodic Progressive = energy to straight-up write code, build and achieve flow.

  • Atmospheric Breaks = distract from a noisy office to remain productive.

  • Deep Nu Disco, Indie Dance = mid-energy, general purpose work tunes.

  • Downtempo Lounge, Chillout Dreams = slower paced, deliberate thought tasks like planning, troubleshooting, documentation, etc.

  • Ambient, Space Dreams = reading and comprehension.

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Frank Carr

Time for this topic again?

I listen to music I like depending on my mood although it's usually guitar oriented, usually in the alternative realm. This week I mostly listened to Johnny Marr, Sarah Shook, Starcrawler, Larkin Poe, Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile and Janiva Magness.

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Casey Brooks

I tend to get really distracted by music so I don't listen to a ton during work, but my two favorite stations on Google Play Music are:

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Quentin Sonrel

Mostly (all sorts of) Metal, Synthwave and Jazz for me, which is really just my usual music. I don't have a specific style of music or playlists for when I code, although I prefer something with high BPM when I work (more stimulating).

Right now I'm listening to Tokyo Rose.

Spotify's daily mixes are my go to when I lack inspiration though.

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Sean Killeen

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Ben Sinclair
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Ekim Kael

When i'm coding, i usually listen LoFi musics or orchestra music.anything where there isn't a voice or lyrics.
I'm more focus on what i do.

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Marc Bujold

I've been using for a couple of years now almost exclusively.

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Code in american indian rythm :)

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Gunnar Gissel

I like instrumental and electronic music, usually quiet and slow, while I'm doing tasks that involve brain sweat

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Amazing Leader

Mount Mocha Kilimanjaro. They are a modern funk band. You can thank me later.