Dev.To Discord Channel?

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So not sure if this has ever been brought up before or not. But thought it might be of some interest. Has there been any thought of setting up a official dev.to discord channel. I feel like it would be a nice way to meet others in the community out side the site. And essentially have a new place to hang out and talk as well as ask questions ect. What do you guys think?

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There was a discussion about it some time ago. I think that the position of the staff at that time was that it would fragment the community and they weren't sure whether it would add much value.

As appealing as I find the idea of having a chat channel for the dev.to community, I share the same concerns. I have seen other communities based on forums and blogs start a discord server or similar only to see many users move permanently to the chat channel and stop visiting the website. Thus, the amount of interaction in the website decreased considerably in exchange for people talking about random topics in a rather unfocussed chat channel instead of posting and consuming quality content on the website.

Also, dev.to recently added direct messaging, so if you follow mutually another user, you can already ask questions and talk to them. I'm not sure what are the plans to develop it further.


Yeah. Dev.to has direct messaging feature where you can chat with mutually connected people and as per this post, they have group messaging in testing phase.


Yeah, this is the general path.

Replied elsewehere in this thread here



This is the path. Though I'm skeptical of purely open channels as the right user experience. In general we want to address this thread's topic in this way.

In terms of all the things we have going on, sometimes the core team moves pretty slow on stuff.

DEV Connect is one of them.

Since we're on this topic, anyone who wants to help out with DEV Connect can respond to me here and I'll get you set up.

This would be a really cool feature to see happen in the future.


What about a Slack/Stride/Discord extension/integration that treats each room/group/whatever as different #discuss topic and syncs it to dev.to, so it will appear in both.

One problem might be with posts of unregistered users.


Hi. A lot of people seem to want this so why not? Can't do this by myself. Everybody come get in touch and help me set up a Dev.to #Discord channel.


@avalander @subbramanil @ben @tux0r @michaelgv @alexgwartney


Jochem, I'm going to join and take part but I don't think this is the direction we ultimately want to go. But happy to take part and play around in this unofficial dev.to discord. Who knows, maybe this will convince me. 😆


Thank you I have no expectations or intention to cross a path. It is up to all of you guys really. I saw people talking about getting together on discord and just loved the idea so I started a dialogue.


Am I late to the party? Is there still an unofficial channel? The links seem dead unfortunately.


I'd prefer an IRC channel. It seems to be the lowest common denominator - everything else is "Slack vs. Discord vs. Gitter vs. Mattermost".


We shouldn't consider any platform that doesn't offer a dark theme, though.



You can probably theme most IRC clients though.

What do you mean ew?

All chat platforms have light themes, but having a dark theme makes it inclusive for those of us who have more sensitive eyes that hurt if we spend the day looking at bright light screens. :P

Except if your eyes - like mine seem to - prefer weak light backgrounds because it's easier to read text on those.

I didn't mean it shouldn't have a light theme, I'm saying that it should have both.

Anyhow, we're waaay off topic.


Yea that could work as well. I would just say pretty much any thing that allows us to pretty much openly chat with one another live. And be able to host like different category’s like in discord.

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