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Discussion on: What tools do you use for CI/CD? Past experiences, recommendations?

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Alexey Zimarev

We have Atlassian stack so tried Bamboo and stayed. The build process configurator is powerful but we barely use it due to the fact the we build using FAKE scripts (.NET people). However we also build Android and iOS apps using remote agents. In general, artefacts, chain builds and so on is done well although I am avoiding it.

I like the branch build feature very much since I do not like to see separate build plans for the same project just because I have branches. Bamboo can also create new build plan branches automatically if there is a new published branch, check the merge and remove the branch plan when the branch is removed (conditions can be customised).

For the CD we use Octopus Deploy. I personally find it too complex since it has many ways to do the same thing and this usually leads to confusion. But it works. In some plans we combined it with Bamboo deployment plans (Bamboo just triggers the deployment on Octopus) and by this you can see the deployment status/environment back in JIRA.

In general I find using proper build scripts is important and I like FAKE, people can build locally before pushing changes and eventually finding that the build does not work because of something.