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WebP has such a nuance - not all browsers support it. For example, iOS Safari, regular Safari, IE - do not support WebP. caniuse.com/#feat=webp Therefore, you must always store at least two versions of each image. Webp (for WebP-enabled browsers) and original image. And give the right version depending on the browser. And the original image must also be optimized/compressed - so that even for browsers without WebP support, images will be optimized (lighter in weight) - this is the third! version of the file.. At the optipic service, I recently noticed a new functionality in which all of this is already in the box. optipic.io/en/cdn/ You can even connect everything so that the urls of the images do not change (they remain exactly the same and look like internal urls on my site). But in fact, they are loaded through their system with automatic compression, conversion to webp and recognition of webp support. It turns out that everything is simple and beautiful, and inexpensive))


That service does look useful. The next release of iOS and regular Safari actually will have support for WebP, so I guess IE will be the only browser of note left (although it usually isn't counted among modern browsers).

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