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Alexandru Năstase
Alexandru Năstase

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How to install .NET core SDK with ASP.NET on Manjaro Linux

I recently switched from Fedora to Manjaro as my main Linux distribution and since I use .NET core from time to time I wanted to install it. It turns out that since at the time of this writing, it's not officially supported, as it was the case with Fedora, there was a bit more trial and error involved in the process.

My first attempt was to try to install it using snap, since it mentions Manjaro in the supported list. I had some issues when I installed it like this, among which the biggest was that the official C# extension in VS Code, OmniSharp, was not working.

The good news is that there are official Arch Linux packages with the .NET Core SDK now.

Steps to install

Install dotnet-sdk with runtime:

sudo pacman -S dotnet-sdk aspnet-runtime
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In order to have the needed environment variables and the dotnet root in PATH, create a/etc/profile.d/ file with the following contents:

export DOTNET_ROOT=/usr/share/dotnet
export MSBuildSDKsPath=$DOTNET_ROOT/sdk/$(${DOTNET_ROOT}/dotnet --version)/Sdks
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Note: After this step, a reboot or re-login is required.

Depending on what shell you use, append to the .bashrc or .zshrc configuration files the following:

# Adds dotnet tools to the PATH variable
export PATH="$PATH:/home/[[USER_NAME]]/.dotnet/tools"
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  • This allows tools like dotnet watch or dotnet ef to be available globally

  • Although some people suggest also adding DOTNET_CLI_TELEMETRY_OPTOUT=1, I would advice against it for now, given the fact the Arch Linux is not officially supported and Microsoft might also take into account the usage statistics when prioritizing bug fixes or support for certain Linux distributions.

Tested using :

  • Manjaro version: 20.1
  • Kernel version: 5.8.6-1-MANJARO
  • dotnet version: 3.1.107


If this guide becomes outdated or if you have any issues with the any steps feel free PM me on Twitter .

Top comments (3)

milesbuckton profile image
Miles Buckton

Thank you so much for the help @alexandrunastase ! I installed the .NET 5.0 SDK tarball on Solus Linux, and then used your export commands to get it working. :D

dcruz1990 profile image
Dennis Quesada Cruz

Im in the same escenario, but i need the SDK 3.0, the problem is that the default runtime installed is 3.1, i need as default runtime the 3.0.. what can i do?

alexandrunastase profile image
Alexandru Năstase • Edited

Sorry for the super late reply. Didn't get any notification from

I think the only way to fix it is to remove 3.1 as long as you want to use 3.0. On other distros multiple versions are supported at the same time, but Manjaro doesn't have official support.

Keep in mind though that 3.0 ran out of support in '2020-03-03' :