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What are the little things that regularly annoy you or slow you down?

I'll admit it, being a software engineer doesn't come short of annoying little things once in a while.

We're all built differently, some of us find those annoyances in little technical things that we may often forget or wish we knew better, organisational or at a deeper personal level, or perhaps external, like how annoying some rituals can be in some big and/or small orgs (not speaking just for myself).

Mine would be:

  1. Technical, that I almost always wish I had time to cleanup my shell profiles and easily sync those across different shells (zsh, fish etc.), there's always something more important to do - someday I will thou.

If you have a solution to this, please help a friend out!

  1. Organisational, from time to time I work with agile teams. I'm not a fan of Agile, I've consistently delivered arguably what is considered high quality software throughout the years for customers that still use it or keep it updated to date, with one or two meetings of about 1 hour each, roughly every two weeks, meetings for me are useless and I am aware that some may disagree completely.

The key here is to really listen and focus during those one or two meetings and apply solid communication and critical thinking skills to really understand the given problem space.

From there on, solid engineering principles would get you out of muddy situations, not politics or more meetings.

What I've found is that some founders do tend to get caught up in what they think it works and then enforce (recommend) some rituals usually found in the "holy book" of Agile.
There is good software beyond Agile too, trust me!

How do you manage to navigate your complex day-to-day landscape?

What are your little annoyances that you would like to help increase awareness on?

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