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SaasRock 1.0 - Build, Market, and Manage your SaaS

SaasRock 1.0 is here! After 2 years of development (and a few months of burnount), I'm marking it as stable.

Live on Product Hunt 🎉.

1/3 Build your SaaS

Jumpstart your idea with Auth, admin and user Dashboards, Stripe for Subscriptions, Entity Builder for autogenerated CRUD and API, and a Workflow builder.

2/3 Market your SaaS

Built-in marketing modules for great SEO: Analytics, Blog, Email Marketing, Knowledge Bases, and a Page Blocks builder.

3/3 Manage your SaaS

Keep everything running smoothly with the advanced Account Management, real-time Notifications, Metrics Tracker, Onboarding flows, Feature flags, and Roles and permissions management.

And a little surprise... shadcn/ui has made it to 1.0.0!


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