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Best QR code generators 2024—tested

When searching for the best QR code generator, we established and followed a set of metrics. We used these as a basis for rating and ranking the software.

Here’s the list:

Customizable QR codes (5 points)

It’s not enough that the QR code generator allows you to generate your QR code campaigns.

Whether it’s paid or free, a QR code software should have a wide range of customization tools so you can personalize and modify the following QR code elements:

  • Eyes and patterns
  • Logo
  • Background and foreground colors
  • Frame
  • Call-to-action

Offers dynamic QR codes (7 points)

Primarily, QR codes have two types: static and dynamic.
Static QR codes are usually free, while dynamic QR codes require monthly or annual payments.

The dynamic QR code is ideal for large-scale QR code campaigns. It has the most advanced technology that helps users run a smooth QR code-based workflow.
To know if a QR code generator is actually worth the price, check if these dynamic QR code features are present:

  • Updateable QR code campaigns
  • Real-time QR code data tracking
  • Retargeting and remarketing
  • Email notification
  • Password-protection
  • QR code expiry
  • Multiple software integrations

Robust security system (5 points)

What are the security certificates presented by the software? Examine whether it has the following security and data privacy measures to protect you from harm:

  • ISO
  • SSO
  • GDPR
  • SOC
  • Two-factor authentication

User-friendly interface (1 point)

A QR code generator’s user-friendly interface enables you to generate and track your QR code campaigns smoothly.

QR code solutions offered (12 points)

Knowing the number of relevant QR code solutions offered by a QR code platform is important.

This allows you to determine if you’re getting your money’s worth of product features or just paying more than what you’re getting.

A QR code generator should at least have these basic QR code solutions:

  • URL QR code
  • vCard or business card QR code
  • File QR code
  • Social media QR code
  • Menu QR code
  • HTML or H5 QR code
  • QR code for multiple URLs
  • App store redirection QR code
  • WiFi QR code
  • Audio or MP3 QR code
  • Email QR code
  • Text QR code

Adding the scoring points from each criterion, the expected total score is 35/35. We will use this as the basis for ranking QR code generators.

QR code generators comparison guide

We tested online QR code generators through random sampling method and followed the metrics and the pointing system mentioned above in rating each software.

We converted the total accumulated score into percentages and multiplied it by 10 (the highest rating for comparison) to get the final software rating.

Here’s a graphical representation:

QR Code Generator Comparison Table

1. QR TIGER (9.7/10)


Price range: 7 USD to 37 USD per month (with separate Enterprise pricing)
G2 rate: 4.8 stars (from 109 reviews)

What’s really impressive about QR TIGER is its easy-to-use software and numerous QR code solutions.

You can generate unlimited free QR codes using the Freemium version or enjoy more advanced QR code functions, features, and solutions with their tiered plans.

Testing out their QR code solutions was one of the fastest procedures we ever did in writing this article because it does not require a signup process—your email is enough!

The interface is comprehensive and straightforward, and you can easily access guide articles to help you with the procedure.

Their multi URL QR code is an eye-catcher. Imagine embedding multiple URLs with varying redirection depending on the location, time, device, and the number of scans.

But what separates QR TIGER from the rest of the other software is its tight security that keeps digital assets from potential cyber threats.

Overall, QR TIGER is jam-packed with QR code features that you’ll need for basic to advanced QR code campaigns.

2. Scanova (6.2/10)


Price range: 15 USD to 100 per month
Capterra rate: 4.5 stars (from 11 reviews)

Scanova has a very user-friendly interface. It was effortless to navigate around the software and explore its features.
You can generate a static and dynamic QR code, but you can’t edit or download it unless you create an account.

Here’s what we discovered: their best QR code solutions are those for websites, social media, documents, app stores, and geolocation. The rest were a bit basic.

On the downside, the landing page customization options are limited, making it hard for users who wish to create a custom HTML page.

Nevertheless, Scanova is a pretty decent software with the fundamental tools for QR code campaigns.

3. uQR (5.1/10)


Price range: 4.95 USD to 99.95 USD per month

It has very comprehensive software. But what would potentially set you off is the required signup process before you can generate a QR code with their free trial.

However, other than that, uQR software offers an intuitive interface that lets you smoothly generate, creatively design, and accurately track your QR codes.

The dashboard is very minimal as well. It helps keep a clutter-free interface, which is a huge help when managing QR code campaigns.

Additionally, uQR also has live chat customer support that actively answers all possible questions.

And though they have quite a few QR code solutions and features, we’d still give uQR a thumbs up for such a smooth QR code-making experience.

4. QRStuff (5.1/10)


Price range: 12.95 USD per month (with separate Enterprise pricing)
G2 rate: 5 stars (from 1 review)

At first glance, QRstuff software is a little complicated. But upon creating a QR code, we discovered its simplicity.
You can generate and customize a static or dynamic QR code without signing up. They let you download the QR code right to your device.

Now, this might seem convenient (and perhaps, promising to some) but its lack of security measures is a bit problematic.
Providing secure software to the users is a must for an industry that runs on digital data, which is at high risk of malware.

5. Visualead (4.8/10)


Price range: 7.52 USD to 36.75 USD per month

For software that has been around for a decade, it’s surprising to see very few QR code product features and software updates.

Visualead offers a good amount of QR code solutions, but we saw no options for dynamic QR code campaigns apart from editing and tracking.

From software integrations, and advanced software features, to basic software security, Visualead lags behind other QR code generators.

Even their QR code customization tool is not as extensive. Despite its name, there are better options to create a visually leading and appealing QR code campaign.

6. Unitag (4/10)


Price range: 12.22 USD to 91 USD per month

We thought that the price might be too much for something that offers very few QR code solutions and software features.

Unitag has a user-friendly interface, sure, but apart from that, there’s nothing more to see that will justify its cost.

Though they offer an enterprise-level business QR code campaign with the best features among all their solutions, it’s the only noteworthy thing.

7. QR creator (4/10)

QR Creator

Price range: Free
The best thing about QR creator is that it’s free. The software is basic, allowing you to create QR codes outright; no sign-up needed.

You can also track and edit campaigns, despite it being a free generator.

On the flip side, you can’t rely on this software if you want to run premium-level QR code campaigns.

After all, there is only so much you can do with free software.

8. GoQR (3.7/10)


Starting price: 4.65 USD per month

Testing this software was one of the dullest experiences we had.

There is only a handful to explore and discover. It was easy to use but so simple that you’d get unstimulated.

What makes it stand out from other low-rated QR code generators is its transparency when it comes to security. It offers TLS and SSL protocols that are enough to avoid cyber tampering of data.

But beyond that, you will only create a basic black-and-white QR code solution.

We suggest you try other software before finally deciding on getting this one. (2.5/10)

Price range: 1€ to 8€ per month has an intuitive software, yes, but that’s just it.

We tried creating a QR code only after signing up. You can’t view, edit, or track your QR codes unless you provide them with your email. There are no up-to-date QR code solutions and software features available.

You might want to consider other software to get the most out of your money.

10. Barcodes, Inc (1.1/10)


G2 rate: 4.7 stars (from 10 reviews)

Barcodes, Inc. is actually more than just a QR code generator. It also doubles as a comprehensive barcode generator offered for free.

But sadly, there is only little you can do when it comes to QR code making.

The software does not offer customization tools, no editing and tracking option, and you won’t have your dashboard.

If you want to create a one-time use QR code for personal purposes, this could be an option you can consider.

But if you want to run multiple QR code campaigns with premium-level features, then it’s better to choose from the top-ranking software from this article.

Special mentions: Other QR code generators

We came across several QR code software in creating this article, but since the random sampling method only included ten, there were others that didn’t make the final cut.

But this does not mean they’re no longer worth trying. We still tested them, and here are our recommended QR code platforms: Beaconstac, QR Code Generator (powered by Bitly), and Flowcode.

They have noteworthy product features, QR code solutions, software security, and brand integrations that are highly functional for digital campaigns.

Why the sudden surge? 2023 usage statistics and 2024 outlook

The 2020 pandemic really played a huge role in pushing QR codes to fame. This year, QR code usage recorded a 96% growth, with 11 million US households predicted to have scanned a QR code.

Fast forward to 2022, studies revealed that about 83.4 million smartphone users will or have scanned a QR code.
This only amplifies that QR code scans quadrupled to 443% in the first quarter of 2022.

And here’s some excellent news for QR code enthusiasts: predictions show it will continuously escalate to 99.5 million in 2025.

Now, you may wonder how and why the QR code industry became such a huge one today. Here’s what we got:

1. Upsurge of smartphone users and internet access

Recent studies revealed that increasing smartphone ownership and internet access positively affect QR code usage.

In 2020, internet users grew by 7.3%, whereas smartphone users have escalated to 42% since the previous year.

With these significant growths, it’s much easier for people worldwide to scan QR codes and access encrypted data.

And, to make it even more interesting, about 1 billion smartphone owners are forecasted to scan QR codes by 2023.


QR codes allow users to share and access information with very little effort. Everything is only a scan away.

User surveys reported that 67% of respondents use QR codes because it makes day-to-day life easier.

And now that smartphone companies design their products with built-in QR code scanners, future users will find it even more convenient to interact with QR codes.

3. Multi-functional

You can integrate QR codes in every possible operation. Just consider the industries that employ QR code technology in their services.

Hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, government sectors, retailers, manufacturers—you name it, they all now use QR codes.

In the US alone, half of the restaurants already incorporate QR codes in their services.

Also, marketers can expect to surpass 5.5 billion coupons redeemed during their coupon marketing strategy by the end of 2023,
QR codes prove to be versatile as their application knows no limits.

The bottom line

The increasing need for a QR code-based digital campaign continues to grow, and we understand that it might be challenging to look for a reliable and professional QR code generator that suits your needs (and your budget).

In this article, we made a head-to-head comparison of the world’s QR code software found online, and here’s our verdict: the top-ranking QR code generators to highly consider are QR TIGER, Scanova, uQR, and QRStuff.

You can check out their respective websites and test the available software features. Let us know about your experience and feedback about each software.

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