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Discussion on: Flutter BLoC: Right way to Handle navigation

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Alexandre Roba • Edited

Hi Pedro, I noticed something weird... if in the mapEventToState method you await for the navigator push methods, all following event push will simply be ignored...
Stream mapEventToState(NavigatorAction event) async* {
if(event is NavigatorActionPop){
}else if(event is NavigateToHomeEvent){
AWAIT navigatorKey.currentState.pushNamed('/home'); // This cause all following events to be ignored...

After some digging the navigatorKey.currentState.pushNamed() call never complete... You can add a then((_)=>print('completed')); this will never be called... We might have an issue somewhere here...

Any idea?


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Pedro Massango Author

Maybe it is not good idea to await since it will block all incoming events. I've never tried await there before. Let me investigate...