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A late new year resolution; use my professional skills to help others

Alexander Viken
former .net developer, currently team leader, cloud solution architect, cloud migration advisor and devops mentor
・1 min read

A little while ago a friend told me about a norwegian foundation that in my opinion totally changed the way I see charity work. She, a skilled business developer and project manager had just became part of the foundation. The Prospera foundation has created a network of consultants and professionals that do pro bono publico work for nonprofits and social change organizations. Donating time and skill.

This concept of bringing together motivated professionals to help solve social, economic and environmental problems is awesome! Through Prospera, social entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations can apply for help in law, business development, finance, organizational development, public relations and communications and coaching.

Even tho their focus isn't technology I believe that technology can be a huge help in finding good sustainable solutions - and be key ingredient for solving some of the issues our society faces. Current and future ones.

I've applied to see if I can be part of their network and hopefully I have a skill set they find useful and complimentary to what they have and need.

Prospera web screenshot
At the time of this screenshot Prospera has donated professional services worth more than 43,5 million norwegian kroner. That is about 4.9 million USD.

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