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How To Create Discount Coupons in WooCommerce

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We all know the importance of working with discount coupons to encourage sales in our ecommerce in a controlled way. And although it is a sales technique that has been used in offline commerce for a long time -mainly in supermarkets-, in recent years its use has become very widespread in electronic commerce, especially due to the great advantage it has when it comes to segmenting the offer and applying it only to the clients that interest you.

Tutorial on how to create a WooCommerce discount coupon step by step.

The option to create discount coupons is included in the WooCommerce installation and does not require any additional plugin.

If it is true that there are plugins that enable advanced coupon management and that allow you, among other things: the automatic deletion of the coupon when reaching a maximum balance, gift coupons or apply coupons via url. However, in this article I am going to focus only on explaining how to create and configure them according to your needs.

Since there are many different configurations for coupons; Depending on the type of discount you want to apply -percentages or fixed amounts-, restrictions, product filters or whether or not taxes are included, it is impossible to explain in detail how to create a specific coupon for each case. Let's take an example of amazon promo code 20 off entire order page here they have introduced coupons that are through plugin but today I am going to show you a detailed tutorial to include coupons in WooCommerce without using any plugin.

Instead, I have chosen as an example a percentage-based discount coupon for a certain product category and a minimum order spend.

I think it is a fairly complete example and that it will serve you mainly to understand how you should configure yours in the future. Therefore, the steps to follow are:

( 1) To enter the coupons section, click on " WooCommerce> Coupons " and then on " Add coupon ".

(2) We add a unique code for the coupon and a description. It is not a mandatory rule, but it is advisable to use more or less descriptive codes, even if you then use the description field to show more detailed information about the discount applied by that coupon.

(3) We configure the fields of the « General « tab . I only explain the fields that we are going to define, the rest we leave them in their default value.

Discount rate . We select the option « % discount on the product «. With this option you only apply a discount to the product or products of a certain category, instead of the total of the cart.

Coupon amount . We introduce the discount percentage, in this example, as it is 20%, you have to enter the figure 20. In your case, you should study the profit margin that the product has and based on that, calculate the discount.

Coupon expiration date . Here we enter the expiration date of the coupon to limit its use in time. It is advisable to always define a coupon deadline, in order to generate urgency in the customer and encourage them to use it before it expires and loses the discount.

(4) We configure the fields of the « Restriction of use « tab .
Minimum spending . We define the minimum expense that the client must make for the discount to be applied, in this example I will define a minimum expense of $ 80. You must bear in mind that it refers to the subtotal of the order, that is, taxes are not taken into account.

Single use only . We mark this option to disable the accumulation of discounts in combination with other coupons.

Exclude sale items . In case you already have other product offers published in WooCommerce , it is recommended that you check this option to avoid losing the profit margin on the sale.

Product categories . We select the category of products for which we want to enable the discount, in this example I will apply it to the category « Running Shoes «. If you only want to apply the discount to certain products, you must use the " Products "field.

(5) We limit the use of the coupon to one time per customer by entering the value 1 in the " Use limit per user " field in the " Use limits " tab .

(6) Finally, we click on " Publish " and our WooCommerce discount coupon is activated .

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