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Some Amazing Podcasts

I have been listening to podcasts for years now. I think a friend introduced it to me in 2013 on iTunes. In the beginning, what got me hooked was Snap Judgment and Latino USA. Another great show was the first season of Serial. They made me a daily podcast listener. I probably listen to shows for hours every day 😄

Through the years I have discovered several amazing technical podcasts. Hopefully, you will find a new one below.

Ruby Rogues

Ruby Rogues Cover has lots of great stuff but Ruby Rogues is one of those gems (pun intended) that was really filled with lots of knowledge bombs and humor. I was not using Ruby professionally but stilled listened to the show. You can learn lots of things about Ruby but there is plenty that is related to general programming, being a human and enjoying life. Check out episode #131 on How to learn.

This Developer's Life

This Dev life

Unfortunately, the show does not have that many episodes but the ones I have listened to are fantastic. You even have some interesting music in there. I have lost count of how many times I replayed some of the episodes 😄 Checkout out the episode on Audacity.

CRE: Technik, Kultur, Gesellschaft

CRE cover

This show is in German but the quality and content are top-notch. It's worth learning German just so you can listen to it 😉 Also the host Tim Pritlove is excellent at asking questions and giving his guests the time to speak. Check out episode #209 Das Linux System.

Thanks for reading.

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