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Imba Issues for Hacktoberfest

Help Wanted

The Imba project has 13 issues marked with the Hacktoberfest label across two repositories. The issues should be simple and self contained. There are some challenging ones in there as well 😉

If you are interested in helping out, check them out on GitHub from the links below.

I have written several of the issues, so if something is poorly explained let me know and I will reword or elaborate. Just mention @scanf on the issue and I will respond fast.

Happy coding.

The Language

GitHub logo imba / imba

🐤 The friendly full-stack language

install size Downloads PRs Welcome License

Imba is a friendly full-stack programming language for the web that compiles to performant JavaScript It has language-level support for defining, extending, subclassing, instantiating and rendering DOM nodes.

Get started

npx imba create hello-world
cd hello-world
npm start
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To get started with Imba, we recommend reading through the official guide.

Why Imba?

Minimal syntax

Imba's syntax is minimal, beautiful, and packed with clever features. It combines logic, markup and styling in a powerful way. Fewer keystrokes and less switching files mean you'll be able to build things fast.


Runs on both server and client

Imba powers both the frontend and the backend of, our learning platform with 100K+ monthly active users. On the frontend, Imba replaces e.g., Vue or React, and on the backend, it works with the Node ecosystem (e.g., npm).


Integrated styling

Inspired by Tailwind, Imba brings styles directly into your code. Styles can be…

The Documentation

GitHub logo imba /

📄The official website of Imba

Official site for Imba. Work in progress.


# clone the repository
git clone

# enter the folder

# install dependencies
npm install

# package content from content/ (continously)
npm run watch

# run server
npm start

Because the site uses service workers it requires https: with a trusted certificate. To test things in development you need to do it via Chrome launched with specific args:

open -na Google\ Chrome --args --ignore-certificate-errors --allow-insecure-localhost --unsafely-treat-insecure-origin-as-secure=https://localhost:9000
# if this does not work - try
# /Applications/Google\\ Chrome --allow-insecure-localhost --ignore-certificate-errors --unsafely-treat-insecure-origin-as-secure=https://localhost:9000
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Now visit https://localhost:9000/ in that browser.

Having trouble with https?

https is required to be able to run the examples and snippets. You can still run the rest of the site and work on documentation without this. So, if you're having trouble setting up https use the npm start-without-https command instead of the normal npm start

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Wish I had more time to create even more GitHub issues and follow up content for beginners. Feel free to open up beginner issues on these repositories: