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Boilerplate/Starterkit for framework-less Frontend projects

Alexa Steinbrück
Frontend Developer & Creative Technologist based in Leipzig, Germany.
・1 min read

Hello lovely community!
Do you know about any boilerplate tools ("starter kits", "bootstrap tools") for kickstarting simple Frontend projects that don't require a JS-framework? Basically like create-react-app, but for vanilla javascript. My main motivation is to cut down on set-up time and to become productive immediately.

It should also provide support for:

  • Transpiling (Babel)
  • SASS
  • Module bundling
  • Linting
  • Minification

I was searching on Github, but couldn't really find any repositories matching my need. Maybe the framework-less approach is slowly becoming extinct?! Anyway, I am thankful for your ideas!

Discussion (2)

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Alexa Steinbrück Author

Found this Medium article. Looks reasonable!

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Raj Shekhar Dev

You could try laravel-mix. Even though optimized for Laravel, it works fine even without laravel.