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A few useful resources that you may need when developing

Hello to everyone!

As an interface developer, you've probably struggled to find images, svgs, or icons to add to your app, and sometimes the images you have are high-resolution, which takes a long time to draw when the website is rendered, making it difficult for the website to work, or can't find high-quality images.

Here are a few resources you may need when developing your app.

1. Free Icons
Icons are known to express some information while providing good UI. These are used in many websites and as a frontend developer you probably need them in any website you'll be making. Here are some free icons resources.

Font Awesome: Font awesome

Bootstrap icons: Bootstrap icons

2. Free High Quality Images
If you are wondering where to get free high quality images for your backgrounds, nature, people etc here are good sources

Unsplash: Unsplash

Pexels: Pexels

3. Free SVG illustration
Svg are essential part of modern websites and we no longer need to create them from scratch using html/css or other design tools like figma.
Undraw: Undraw
Freepik: Freepik

4. Free image resolution compressor
These tools will compress your images to reduce resolution and thus helps better your site's performance without affecting image quality.
tinyPNG: TinyPNG
Img2go: Img2go

5. Remove Background

Lets look at this image
Alt Text

I want to put it somewhere on my site where the green color will lead to a bad UI, Removing the green background and deciding to add my own or just put it without the background would be the best solution, but I don't know photoshop-that's where I'm going
Now I get this
Alt Text

Hope these resources save you a lot effort, happy coding!!

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