How did we make open source CI better?

Alex Barashkov on March 27, 2019

In this article, we talk about Drone CI, a very powerful, lightweight, docker-based, multi-pipeline, multi-platform, open-source CI/CD tool. Drone ... [Read Full]
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I tried Drone as a small research project for the company I work with. My conclusion was:

I don't care what you do, I'm switching to Drone...

Our slowest project (Expo) finished in 1.5 min, instead of our usual 5 - 7 min...

Absolutely love Drone, thanks for this article!


I used previously Travis CI, Jenkins and Teamcity, but for me personally Drone beat them all. Very quick setup and it's open source. You could run it on AWS free tier and it will be fine for most of the scenarios.


We use drone internally for more than a year. And it is really great product. What I didn't like in the new 1.0 version is that .drone.yml is not backward compatible.


Drone 1.0 is backward compatible with the 0.8 yaml configuration file. If you have an example of an 0.8 file that does not work with 1.0 you can post to github.com/drone/drone-yaml


I'm read this:

There is no automated upgrade path from version 0.8.x to 1.0.0. There were incompatible changes to the database that will require an advanced migration utility.

and this

There were significant, breaking changes to the yaml configuration format in this release. Please note, however, 1.0.0 is capable of processing yaml files in the legacy 0.8.x yaml format (with the exception of matrices).

On your site docs.drone.io/releases/1.0.0-rc.1/...

And decided to stay on 0.8 for a while

that post was a few months old (from rc.1). As of rc.5 we added support for reading 0.8 matrix configurations and just last week we published an automated migration utility. github.com/drone/drone-migrate

Thank you! Where I can get the latest docs? Seems like rc1 is the freshest one on the official docs page.


As a long-time fan and user of Drone, thanks for this writeup!


Thank you so much! I hope with the new updates the number of fans only will grow!


Amazing! Thank you for this awesome work! :)


Really great work by your team. GIVING BACK to the community is such nice thing of your team.


There is an option to storing them globally in enterprise version, but even in the general version you could easily use Kubernetes secrets or other external secrets management tool for example AWS or Vault.

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