20 Docker commands use cases for developers

Alex Barashkov on January 24, 2019

Technology is most effective when you know how to work with it; bear this in mind when you work with Docker. Teams adopting Docker for the first ti... [Read Full]
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Thanks for sharing this overview, Alex! :)

There is also docker system prune to remove all unused data (volumes, stopped containers, etc.).


Bonus of 'docker prune': it does not remove running services & related images.


Thank you, added by your recommendation to the article :) Used many times but forgot to mention.


This is almost true. Sometimes docker system prune will leave hanging and orphaned volumes. Specifically in the docker overlay dir.


Good article, Alex!

This stops containers and removes each container’s networks, volumes, and images created by ip. This is helpful when you want to start from a clean slate.

I believe that docker-compose down doesn't remove the volume by default (unless you pass -v).


Great article, Alex. What about the mounting of volumes, is it frequently used in a daily basis, to be a part of the article ?

Cheers, Labi


Great article, will be sharing this further with my team.

Is there any way in prune via which I can remove unused volumes from the base machine ?


Great article, thanks! I'm learning docker and this goes to my reference link list.


Hi Alex, nice article. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think --no-cache will still pick cached base image.


Thanks for sharing it.

Well.. docker system is a cache?

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