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Alen Abraham
Alen Abraham

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My first HacktoberFest

HacktoberFest 2021 was my first Hacktoberfest. I was learning programming and practising DSA for the past couple of months so I felt it would be great to contribute some of the best solutions that I was able to find out, so that other learners will also be able to learn from it. After all it's all about learning in public.

HactoberFest has got certain rules to be followed to complete the event successfully. We have to make 4 Pull Requests(PR) within the month of October and all the 4 PR's should get successfully merged by the corresponding repo-maintainers.
Thankfully I was able to make 5 PR's and all 5 of them got merged successfully.


Contributions can be made even without HacktoberFest. The event is just to promote open-source.

So why are you waiting start contributing to open-source, don't wait for next HacktoberFest to arrive. Start today, contribute to open-source.

Happy Coding

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Alen Abraham

I didn't receive my hacktoberfest badge yet @thepracticaldev