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Discussion on: Refactoring - How did we end up in this mess?

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Aleksi Kauppila

Thanks for this post Peter!

It’s so easy to say some design is and in hindsight. If we had the knowledge we now have we’d go a different route 🙂

Just goes to show that every decision matters.

I'm now moving back to using static classes and methods where it makes sense. This is driving back toward more of a functional programming approach

I may be totally off here, but it sounds like going back to a more procedural approach and will most likely do a disservice to your software. What do you think?

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Peter Harrison Author

Linking functional programming with static methods is probably a mistake, but I've been reading some interesting critiques of OO which got be thinking about why singletons are used when state is not being maintained. I know there are some benefits from singletons, but increasingly these are also under attack by functional programming fans. However my mistake was linking static methods and functional programming.

This raises a question. If you have an existing Java application should I even try to shift to functional programming? Can they co-exist? Is there a bridge? I don't really have the perspective and am happy to get advice from others.

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