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Proxy API developer tool for test

Hey all,

Are there any experienced scraping API’s tech-users (the tools like ScraperAPI, ScrapingBee, ScrapingBot, Zenrows, etc.)? Or just web scraping enthusiasts? I really need your help!

My name is Alex, I am a scraping developer with a mission to build the best Proxy API tool out there (humble is not my way.) So here is my project - ScrapeIN’ where I am trying to combine and automate the best practices for bypassing site protection and create all-in-one scraping infrastructure for any data engineer.

I released the first MVP version of my Proxy API and want to make sure that it works as planned, so it would be awesome if you could help me out and test it for any issues and bugs.

So to test my ScrapeIn you need to

  1. Go here
  2. Register - it will allow you to use scraper for 14 days with 1000 credits. I can extend access on request if needed, just ping me here or in dms or by email. I don’t request credit card upon registration or anything, so don’t worry about the payment that supposedly should follow the trial😅
  3. Look through our API docs
  4. Use the API key given to you for scraping any public data from the web.
  5. Use visual CSS selectors mode in order to extract the necessary data from a site accurately.
  6. Take and submit a short questionnaire Google form.
  7. Enjoy increased ScrapeIN’ account balance by 1000 free credits!

I really appreciate any of your feedback and thoughts about ScrapeIN’. Don’t hesitate to share with me any of your feedback in DMs or at

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