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Alejandro Akbal
Alejandro Akbal

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How to set up Matomo analytics in your Hashnode blog


Today I bring incredible news; Hashnode has finally added support for Matomo analytics!

Matomo are powerful open source web analytics which gives you 100% data ownership.

I just noticed it in the integrations tab of Hashnode's dashboard, so...

Let's learn how to integrate Matomo in Hashnode!

Before we start


  • A Hashnode blog
  • A Matomo server

New Matomo website

To start, you will need to go to your Matomo server and create a new website.

Create it in: All websites > Add a new website.

Now, fill the form with your current Hashnode details, grab the site ID, and you are ready to go!

Matomo form

Add Matomo integration

Now that you have the Matomo site set up, go to your Hashnode dashboard and choose the integrations tab.

There you will see a form for Matomo. Just fill it with your Matomo server details.

Hashnode form


And that was it, 100% open source analytics on your Hashnode blog in less than 5 minutes. Easy right?

What's next?

Take a look at your Matomo analytics, you should start to see people coming in to your blog to enjoy your incredible articles. 😉


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Congratulations, today you have set up Matomo analytics for your Hashnode blog in a breeze.

Let me know if the tutorial was useful to you in the comments!

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Mahmudul Hasan

Want a tutorail on how to add namesilo domian to hashnode, i tried many times but failed

alejandroakbal profile image
Alejandro Akbal

What have you tried exactly?

Here is a simple tutorial on doing it with namecheap