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How do you implement your email design?

Does your app use emails to communicate with its users and do those emails reflect the overall design of your app? How do you implement email design? What tools do you use?

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Not exactly a comment on how I implemented a design, but rather something I love for people to consider when they are designing mails.

A critical tip I really wish all developers would take to heart is: Please give your users the option to opt out of HTML-mails. Give people an option to receive notifications or other mail-based communication in plain text.

I know that for some applications the visual component is inherently important, necessary for a functioning application even. In that cases, send me a link to a HTML-site. But please, please, please - allow me to receive plaintext-mails.

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Alessandro Diaferia Author • Edited on

I've implemented email designs using React in the past, and I've been able to share UI Components between the application code and the emails which has resulted in a pretty consistent user experience.
Emails were part of a continuous integration pipeline that used webpack to compile them as static HTML template files so that they could be interpolated by application code and sent to the users.

What's your approach?