Hacking my Honeymoon with Javascript 🦒

Alec Brunelle on May 23, 2019

When my wife saw this post on Instagram, she was immediately hooked: With our honeymoon in Kenya on the horizon, we set out to book ... [Read Full]
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This is really awesome! Thank you for the examples too. I’m sure I’ll make use of them as I’ve always wanted to automate the process of checking certain websites to download things but had no idea about scraping.


Mine isn't as exciting, but I wrote an NGINX + Node.js webscraper server for our church. Because of difference in Facebook and YouTube streaming requirements, there had to be different streams with different resolutions and such, and for free, because our Wirecast license has ended. Nobody, but me knows how to run nginx, so I wrote a custom little node.js controller + webscraper to turn on the stream on Facebook and stream to YouTube in 1080p. Later on they approved this solution and we bought a little SBC and are running it as an actual server, not localhost program :)


You both look good together. Classic example of technology making our life easier


That was good thinking and I love your photos!


This is amazing! Congratulations and great thinking.


Awwwwww you guys look so cute! Congratulations!!!

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