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Wizard's Toolkit Demo

Wizard's Toolkit now has a demo you can test on computer, phone or tablet. To best simulate how it will look with a company's data, I created two tables with pet data. This pet data resets every other hour but the other data for revenue, website usage, etc., simply grows.

I've had videos before showing how websites work when built using Wizard's Toolkit, but this demo allows anyone to surf it, see the chart animations, experience how fast navigation is and how each page looks when viewed on computer versus phone. This is SPA (Single Page Application) design using responsive design and a few tricks to make the same pages look quite different on phones compared to computers/tablets.

This way you can see the dashboard widgets, email and SMS features, reporting, navigation and more. The goal is to give people full access to see exactly what they get when they start with Wizard's Toolkit.

Of course each developer's implementation will look different. Each developer has ultimate control of the color theme and design. WTK comes with a good starting design and several color palettes but it is easy to buy a new HTML template and integrate that with WTK. Although not normally recommended... on the My Profile page I made it so you can change the color palette or switch between Dark and Light theme.

Simplified registration is implemented for this demo but Wizard's Toolkit can easily be changed to require confirmation of email or phone in order to register.

Working with WTK is like getting a jump start on your project with 15 years of well-designed database and debugged code.

Check out the demo, add a picture of your pet, and let me know what you think!


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