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How to Increase Your Pay

There are 9 skills and methodologies you need to be a great programmer.   Learn these and you will improve your productivity, employers will notice and that will increase your pay.

I own and run Programming Labs, a software development company that's been in business over 15 years.  As both an employer and a full stack developer, these skills and processes are what I consider the most important for programmers. With these you will have good relations with clients, become more productive, and thus earn more money for your efforts.

Be A Better Programmer

There are 9 habits and skills every programmer needs to be a better programmer.

  1. Do not start until you have written specs
  2. Unit testing
  3. Coding Standards and Naming Conventions
  4. Know Your Tools
  5. Be a Macro King or Queen
  6. Code Library
  7. Understand RDBMS
  8. Quick Study - Learn how to Learn and know your jargon
  9. Re-read your specs before saying you are Finished

Watch the video for detailed description of each of the above. I also discuss what employers really want from programmers and give some tips on how to negotiate a better contract rate or salary.

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